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I am Dr. Donna Marino, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Human Potential Expert with over 20 years working to help others create their ideal lives.

Years ago, I was feeling stuck, depressed and unfulfilled. Despite all of my “good girl” choices and doing what everyone told me to do, I was miserable inside and ashamed to admit it. After all, I was a mom of two beautiful girls and a highly educated professional, who was I to complain? I tried everything, looking for answers, Outside of myself to no avail until I learned how to Connect with and Trust my Inner Wisdom. It is now my mission to help women go from feeling doubtful, insecure, and unfulfilled to confidently living their life guided by this internal compass and creating a life in alignment with her values, her life’s purpose and her greatest passions!

Please let me help you or someone you love wake up eager to start each new day, feel confident and secure, and develop deeper, more satisfying relationships with herself and others. Life is too short to waste it frustrated from following the rules and not getting what you want.

Contact me now for a free consultation: Awaken Your Inner Hero - 3 steps to fulfillment if you are ready to get serious about your own happiness and create the thrilling life that you deserve.


Online Courses


Happiness 101
Starts September 18, 2018

Are you ready to Awaken your Inner Hero and take control of your own happiness?

Registration is Now Open!

Happiness 101 is an introduction to positive psychology strategies that have been scientifically proven to increase feelings of joy and overall life satisfaction. In this six week course, you will learn six different skills to improve your life. These skills are practical and can be applied immediately.

Living In aLignment
starts october 3, 2018

Are you Ready to be More Confident, Secure, Passionate, and Purposeful?

Registration is Now Open!

Living in Alignment is about discovering the key ingredients to your daily life that allow you to hear your inner voice and create a life in alignment with your heart and soul. You will learn 10 different principles of living a life in alignment and receive specific daily practices to help you get back into a state of alignment.

Review. Release. Renew.
January 8, 2019

Are you ready to be transformed?

Review. Release. Renew. is about total transformation. In the first stage you Review your life and where you are. In the second stage, you Release what no longer serves you. Finally, in the third stage you Renew your spirit and commit to living a life guided by your passions and values.





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Small Group Classes

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Sunday Meditation

Beginning September 9, 2018


Monthly Healing Circle for Healers

Beginning September 16, 2018

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Therapeutic Book Club: The Gifts of Imperfection

Beginning October 15, 2018


Start Your Journey Today


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Click on here to check out free resources provided to you; including Dr. Donna Marino's TEDx talk, instructional video clips, and her blog.



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Go Deeper

Do you want to go deeper into your spiritual practices and your connection to self? Want to add on additional services such as yoga, meditation, reiki or spiritual mentorship?