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Empowerment Coaching

Empowering women to step out of fear and into their greatness by breaking through the mental and emotional blocks that are keeping you from your most fulfilling life. Release self-doubt, fear, and sabotaging behaviors and replace them with confidence, resilience and strength so that you can share your gifts and talents with the world in the way you were meant to.


Empowerment Coaching is for women struggling with fear, self-doubt, and sabotaging behaviors; but feel called to something greater in their lives. It’s for women who are tired of second guessing themselves and being held back by their own fears, their negative mental chatter, and their lack of self-confidence. It’s for heart-centered women who want to make a difference in the world and feel a yearning to do so. For women who want to take control of their lives, feel more confident, and excel both at work and on the home-front. It’s for women who are tired of settling for anything less, tired of living by others rules and expectations, tired of not following their hearts and their dreams. I help women gain clarity and take action on what it is they truly want out of their lives, what their natural gifts and abilities are and what they are called to do in the world. I help women release fear, self-doubt, and self-sabotaging behaviors so that they can live with joy, passion, and purpose every day, not just on holidays and vacations.

What Is EMPOWERMENT coaching?

Empowerment Coaching re-establishes yourself as the expert of your own life by learning to listen to your inner self; but you cannot learn to do that without first learning how to hear that voice and then how to trust that inner voice. You will learn proven practices to help you do that. Some have referred to the process as a spiritual adjustment because you will learn to live your life in alignment with your passion, purpose and values. Your choices will come from within, instead of looking to others for the answers.

As opposed to traditional psychotherapy, Empowerment Coaching allows Dr. Donna to pull from all of her skill sets and life experiences in order to better benefit you. Instead of being constrained by one tradition or another, you get to experience the full benefit of all of Dr. Donna’s many decades of training and experiences, so that you get bigger, deeper, longer lasting results.

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What results can I expect?

  • Reduced Anxiety, Depression and Stress.

  • Increased Coping Skills.

  • Increased feelings of joy and fulfillment.

  • Increased Confidence.

  • Improved Relationships (with yourself and others).

  • Healthier boundaries (with yourself, others, and your career).

  • Clarity surrounding your life’s goals and purpose.

  • Specific action plans for achieving your goals.

  • Identification and release of limiting beliefs.

  • Understanding and Implementing what your core values are and how to build a life that supports them.

  • Increased ability to effectively communicate your goals to those that can help you achieve them.

  • Identification of your strengths, passions and purpose.

  • Implementation of how to leverage your strengths and passion for greater success and fulfillment.

  • Implementation of self-care and positive-psychology techniques that increase your ability to thrive.

  • Increased ability to tap into your intuition to make the right decisions for you.

  • Increased Clarity and Confidence Surrounding your Life Decisions.

  • Strategies that will keep you thriving long after coaching has ended.