Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Coaching?

Leadership Coaching puts you in control to be the expert of your own life. What do you think makes a great athlete? Talent and skill is certainly the foundation, but has anyone ever gone to the Olympics or become a professional athlete without coaching? Coaching is a service that helps elevate you to the next level by providing objective feedback, training, expertise, and accountability.

Why does it cost what it does?

Coaching is a premier service. You are paying for a high level of expertise, availability and individualized attention to help you achieve more than ever before. In fact, research demonstrates that the magnitude of your results are directly correlated to the cost of the service. You pay more because you get more, both in service and in results.

Is it covered by insurance?

No. Coaching is not a service that is covered by insurance.

What is included in a coaching package?

Coaching packages can vary; however, a basic coaching package includes a 55 minute session every other week, either in person, on the phone, or through a video service, such as Zoom. Each live session will be recorded wherever possible for your use and review between sessions. You will also receive a summary of the session with the agreed upon action items and goals to be completed between sessions. In addition, you have access to your coach via email and text messages in between sessions in order to ensure follow through on goals and accountability.

What results can I expect?

  • Reduced Anxiety, Depression and Stress.

  • Increased Coping Skills.

  • Increased feelings of joy and fulfillment.

  • Increased Confidence.

  • Improved Relationships (with yourself and others).

  • Healthier boundaries (with yourself, others, and your career).

  • Clarity surrounding your life’s goals and purpose.

  • Specific action plans for achieving your goals.

  • Identification and release of limiting beliefs.

  • Understanding and Implementing what your core values are and how to build a life that supports them.

  • Increased ability to communicate effectively your goals to those that can help you achieve them.

  • Identification of your strengths, passions and purpose.

  • Implementation of how to leverage your strengths and passion for greater success and fulfillment.

  • Implementation of self-care and positive-psychology techniques that increase your ability to thrive.

  • Increased ability to tap into your intuition to make the right decisions for you.

  • Increased Clarity and Confidence surrounding life decisions.

  • Strategies that will keep you thriving long after coaching has ended.

How is Life Coaching different from therapy?

Life coaching is not therapy. Life coaching deals with the present and the future and is goal oriented. Life coaching is usually a shorter term experience than therapy and does not dive deep into your emotional issues. Life coaching is focused on action steps, accountability and results. Coaching tends to be more laser focused on specific issues or goals, is more directive, and has increased accountability. You will not sit and vent for an hour and then wonder what you accomplished. Each session will have an agenda, a goal and action steps. Your life coach should refer out to a therapist if you have deeper issues that need to be addressed in therapy, especially if these issues are interfering with your coaching results. Most life coaches do not have the training to provide therapy. Although, Dr. Marino is an exception to this rule, if you are receiving life coaching from Dr. Marino, you should see a different provider for therapy. It is not advised that your practitioner provide both services.

Why should I invest in myself?

Simply, because you are worth it and if not now when? Women are notorious for putting everyone's needs ahead of their own. Most women will not think twice about spending money on their children, but have a hard time opening their wallet for themselves. The irony is that by not moving yourself off the back burner and putting yourself front and center, you burn out, get resentful and have less to give to the one's that you love. If you keep waiting for the perfect time to take care of yourself and pursue your dreams, it will never happen. You owe it to yourself and everyone you love to invest in yourself and become the best version of you.

Why should I study with Dr. Donna Marino and Inner Guidance?

  1. Dr. Donna Marino has a unique and outstanding combination of credentials that far exceed almost all coaches. In fact there are almost no coaches with doctorates in psychology. As a currently unregulated field, many coaches have minimal training before starting their business and some have none but the life experience of overcoming a particular problem, which most themselves went to a professional to solve. In contrast, Dr. Marino is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years working in mental health. She understands what motivates others and how to overcome life's hardships. In addition, she is a life long learner and has continued to expand her credentials in order to better serve her clientele. Dr. Marino is a certified yoga teacher at the 200hr. level, a Life Force-Level 1 yoga teacher (yoga for depression and anxiety by Amy Weintraub), and a Reiki II practitioner. She has also completed a 10-month program with Harvard professor Dr. Tal Ben Shahar to achieve her Certification in Positive Psychology (the science of happiness and the study of what creates thriving) and her certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching from Robert Biswas Deiner. Dr. Marino has continuously sought out the best in her fields to study with and you can find their testimonials of her work on the testimonial page.

  2. Dr. Marino has both the life experience and the professional experience to understand where you are coming from and to help you get to the next level. Dr. Marino has personally and professionally dealt with issues such as motherhood, marriage, divorce, trauma, loss, suicide, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, climbing the corporate ladder, work stress, career dissatisfaction, work-home life conflict, and entrepreneurship.

  3. Dr. Marino has a proven track record of helping others improve their lives over the past 20 years. Dr. Marino has helped thousands have more fruitful, productive, and happier lives. Dr. Marino is described as warm, sensible, pragmatic and gifted in helping others identify their strengths and challenges and then release what is standing in their way in order to move forward in life.

  4. Dr. Marino has a unique ability to integrate scientific and spiritual principles to provide maximum benefit to her clients. It was through both professional and personal experiences that Dr. Marino discovered that talk therapy was often not enough. In fact, those that were able to use it the most many times did not benefit the most, because it kept them in their heads. And those that couldn't verbalize well had difficulty expressing what they were going through. It is through those experiences that Dr. Marino discovered the benefits of integrating yoga, meditation/mindfulness, pranayama (breath work), and energy work, such as Reiki. By having these multiple skill sets, Dr. Marino is able to work on multiple levels in an ethical and responsible way to help her clients get maximum results.