Happiness 101

Are you Ready to Awaken Your Inner Hero?

Happiness 101© is an introduction to positive psychology strategies that have been scientifically proven to increase feelings of joy and overall life satisfaction. In this six week course, you will learn six different positive psychology skills to improve your life. These skills are practical and can be applied immediately. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life, who wants to experience more happiness and joy on a daily basis, who wants to be empowered with new life skills and take their happiness into their own hands, who struggles with feelings of sadness or lack of fulfillment or who just wants to grow and expand with like-minded people. This is community at its finest.

Here’s what Past Participants have to say about the course:

"Donna Marino is an excellent coach, therapist, and transformational leader. She has an incredible way of helping you see things in a different perspective. She is very observant and intuitive, in a way that allows her to see things in a way we may have missed. She has such a kind and giving personality. Her whole goal is to serve others. I am truly blessed by my time working with her and can't wait to work with her more." L.E.

"This course proved to be deeper than just Happiness. It was thought provoking, contained biological and neurological explanations and lessons. It encompassed positive psychology, mindfulness, meditation and more. This course is a holistic approach, supported by sciences and would be a great addition to any integrative health lifestyle. Donna Marino provides and environment that encourages, growth and learning for mind, body and soul." L.H.

"I highly recommend this workshop. It really does provide the tools needed to make real changes in the positive direction you want to go. Donna is a wonderful coach and knows her stuff. She’s a pleasure to work with. I didn’t want it to end. I thank her for this opportunity." B.D. 

"So many things I liked, but the Instructor was key. Interactive, pointed questions, targeted timely asking for sharing and exploration. Instructor made it easy to open up and share. Validating to our opinion, views and feelings. Individual attention in a group setting. Willingness to listen to needs and wants of group. Allowed and encouraged suggestions for course and each other. Created a loving Family of support. Thank you" - Anonymous



Happiness 101© is a self-paced online course. Each week you will receive a video discussing the topic, along with accompanying slides and recommended actions to take to implement your new skill. You will also receive lifetime access to an ongoing closed, members only, Facebook page for participants to share experiences, ask questions, and receive support and accountability in a safe, loving environment directed by Dr. Donna.

All participants will have unlimited access to the materials after the 6 weeks to continue their learning on their own and to refer back to for a boost. You will have unlimited access to the materials after the course is over to continue your learning or growth or to repeat the process on your own. Please do not share materials with non-members as this is a violation of copyright. Thank you.


Payment in full is required before access to programming will be granted. Participants will have 5 business days once access has been granted, to request a refund, if so desired. No refunds will be given after 5 business days. We hope it should never come to this as we aim to please, but if it should please email info@inner-guidance.com and put Refund Request in the Subject line. Thank you.