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Living In Alignment

Are you ready to be more confident, secure, passionate and purposeful?

Living in Alignment© is about discovering the key ingredients that allow you to hear your inner voice and create a life in alignment with your heart and soul. When one lives in alignment, they experience more confidence, joy, passion and purpose.

Dr. Marino created this course out of the discovery that many high functioning successful people were still quietly suffering from anxiety, depression or lack of fulfillment. When she looked into why, she discovered that they had built lives based on what everyone else thought was best for them and they had lost touch with what they really wanted for themselves. They were living life from the outside in, instead of from the inside out. 

In Living in Alignment© you will learn 10 different principles and receive specific daily practices to help you get back into a state of alignment in order to reconnect with your heart's desire and create more confidence, joy, and purpose in your life. 




Introduction to Living in Alignment© and Principle 1: Making Spaces

Learn what it means to live in alignment. Understand how the philosophy of living in alignment was born and the specific principles chosen. Start with a "You are Here" exercise to begin your journey and document your transformation. Each of the following weeks will focus on one principle of the Living in Alignment Lifestyle including discussion, reading, and exercises to begin to integrate these principles into your life. The course will conclude in a celebration of your transformation and how to continue Living in Alignment once the course is over. 


Principle 2: Compassion and Principle 3: Acceptance


Principle 4: Balance and Principle 5: Stress-Relief

Week 4

Principle 6: Mindfulness and Principle 7: Daily Practices

Week 5

Principle 8: Action and Principle 9: Community

week 6

Principle 10: Integration and Celebration!




Living in Alignment© is offered as a Live Online Course.

Each week you will login to a members only page to find a video discussing the weekly topic, as well as recommended readings, and a writing assignment or activity to process and/or implement a new skill. In addition, you will be added to a weekly Facebook Live to discuss the topic together and answer any questions. There will also be a closed, members only, Facebook page for participants to share experiences and ask questions. Share the writing assignments if you like and dive deeper together in a safe space.

When the course is over you will still have access to all materials and the Facebook page. Materials are not to be shared with non-members as this is an infringement on copyright. Thank you!


Payment in full is required before access to programming will be granted. Participants will have 5 business days once access has been granted, to request a refund, if so desired. No refunds will be given after 5 business days. We hope it should never come to this as we aim to please, but if it should please email and put Refund Request in the Subject line. Thank you.