Review. Release. Renew©

Review. Release. Renew©


Review. Release. Renew.

Saturday March 9th 11am-1pm ($25)

at Radiant Life Holistic Wellness Center

This workshop is a synthesis of yoga, meditation, and positive psychology techniques focused in 3 parts. In Part 1, Participants begin with writing exercises and discussion in order to Review ones current state of being in all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual. In Part 2, participants will be lead through yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises to focus on Releasing what no longer serves them and what is standing in the way of moving forward. In Part 3, participants will Renew their spirit and commitment to themselves through writing, discussion, and community. Participants will leave with activities and exercises to help them stay committed. A safe and supportive environment will be provided. Intimate setting; only 6 spots available!

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Located at Radiant Life Holistic Wellness Center

1240 Iroquois Ave,

Suite 500

Naperville, IL 60563